Program Overview

By participating in the Property Tax Reward Program (PTRP), you, the merchant, provide your customer with rebates in the form of property tax credits every time they present, together with the regular payment for goods and services, the Shop Marlboro Property Tax Reward Card at the point of sale.

Registration Documents:

View and download Shop Marlboro Collaterals here.

To receive additional Shop Marlboro! Property Tax Reward Program Participant Window Clings, please  contact a member of the Economic Development Committee.

Benefits to the merchant:

  • Higher sales
  • Increased local exposure
  • Captive, highly motivated audience (town residents looking to reduce their property tax out-of-pocket expense)
  • Free advertising
  • Free resources (e.g., email addresses of customers using the Shop Marlboro card at your place of business)
  • Part of a Township-sponsored program

Cost to the merchant:

  • $10 monthly participation fee
  • If processing the card on line on our website there is no cost. However, if you require a processing terminal (similar to a credit card machine)-there is a one-time cost for the machine ($150-dialup, $220 IP).

If processing using a processing terminal (similar to a credit card machine)-there is a one-time cost for the machine ($150-dialup, $220 IP).

(No ACH cost, no per swipe cost, no statement cost, no hidden fees of any kind!)

Procedure to provide tax credits:

  • Customer is ready to pay for goods and services that you have provided
  • Customer hands you regular payment, cash or credit. You process the payment and give the customer a receipt
  • Customer hands you the Shop Marlboro Property Tax Reward Card
  • You process the card in a dedicated processing terminal OR online, if that’s your preferred method to process the card
  • A receipt is generated for the rebate (e.g., tax credit). The rebate percentage is established by you at the time of your registration in the program
  • Every week, Fincredit, Program Administrator, debits your registered bank account to collect all your weekly rebates. You will receive an email with details of the debit, including the email addresses of your customers
  • 80% of the rebate will be deposited in a dedicated account and ultimately remitted to Marlboro Township for the benefit of your customers’ property tax bill. The remaining 20% is held for program and management fee.

After processing your participation application, a detailed user guide will be provided to you together with your welcome kit.

For more information please go to FAQ.  Information is also available in the Property Tax Reward Program Participation Agreement.

If you have any questions, you may contact Carmine De Falco at  or by phone (732)-946-0919.